Kumkum Bhagya Written Update for 20th September 2023

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update of 20th September 2023 Episode

Precap: Prachi calls the police from Tandon Mansion and says, “Someone took my daughter, and the person who did it is right in front of me.” Even though Ranbir says he is not guilty, the police arrest him. Akshay watches. In the PS, Prachi says that once she gets her daughter, she won’t let Shen even come close to her for a second after that.

kumkum bhagya written update

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At the start of the episode, Manpreet asks everyone to come for aarti. The aarti starts with Ashok and Manpreet. Vishaka calls Akshay to ask him to do puja with his life partner. Akshay and Prachi do the aarti together. Manpreet asks Ranbir to pray with Mihika at a puja. The aarti is done by Mihika and Ranbir together. Then Ranbir prays with Khushi. Abhay and others do the aarti. Pandit Ji tells Prachi that everyone should get prasad. Akshay says that some dancers were going to show up but were late. He says that after the dance show, we will break the handi. He says, “Guess what? The handi will be broken by…” People who dance go there. The bad guy shows up there dressed as a dancer. Akshay takes him on. The dancers move around. Khushi starts to dance for them.

Ranbir and Khushi get up and dance. Radhe song is being sung. The goon watches Khushi. Ranbir and Khushi are talking while dancers move around in the background. Prachi, Akshay, and a few other people tend. Ranbir gives Khushi a drink of water and then makes her eat a cookie. Akshay stands up and signs the contract. The thugs go to Ranbir and Khushi and pick her up.

Ranbir gets a call but can’t hear it, so he hangs up and goes. Akshay writes the contract. The bad guy is looking at Khushi. Vishaka tells them to sit down and that Khushi will break the dahi handi. Prachi tells me to get the things I need to break dahi handi. When Manpreet calls Khushi, he wants to know where she went. Vishaka looks at Akshay without doing anything. Ranbir comes out to answer the call from the spam, Akshay’s goon. The other guy who works for Akshay attacks him and takes his phone. Ranbir punches him and takes his phone back.

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When Prachi gets back, she asks where Khushi is. Akshay wants to know why you aren’t looking for her. Prachi says that she must have chosen to hide somewhere. Akshay asks Ranbir, who had just said the same thing, where he is. Abhay says the last time he saw Ranbir, it was with a man who looked strange.

Everyone starts to look again. Prachi tells Khushi to come outside, and then she enters the room. She tells her that she bothers her and tells her to come out. She looks everywhere in the room but can’t find her. She thinks she’s away from the room or on the deck and wonders where she went. She remembers that Ranbir and Khushi used to play “hide and seek.” An FB shows that Ranbir sees Khushi sitting in the closet. He is asked to play again by Khushi. Ranbir covers his eyes with his hand. Khushi hides on the bed under the blanket. Ranbir tries to find her. Khushi frightens him and tells him that she has won.

Ranbir walks into the room. Ashok asks Khushi where she is. He says that she was here. Ashok says that Khushi is not here. Ranbir says that she must be with Prachi and that he will call her. Divya tells Prachi that she went looking for her. Akshay acts like a protective father and tells him, “If anything happens to her, she is my life,” and asks him to take care of her. Ranbir tells him, “I get it,” and tells him not to worry. Akshay watches as Ranbir walks away. Although she knows she has been taken, Vishaka also acts like she is searching for her.

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Prachi looks for her and pulls on the blanket to find her, but she is not there. Vishaka says that she is not under the bed. Prachi cries and says she is scared and doesn’t do this. She thinks I’ll look for her. He asks her to look. Ranbir says she might be in the yard, so he will go there to find her. Ranbir asks Prachi where she saw.

Prachi says, “Yes, I looked all over.” Ranbir says, “I’ll check outside.” Akshay wants to know where Khushi is. Ranbir tells him, “I saw you and Khushi with a weird guy.” Abhay says that you were talking to a dancer while you were there. Ranbir says, “Yes, I talked, so what are you talking about?” Akshay thinks that Ranbir took his daughter Khushi away. Ranbir says, “Are you for real?” Akshay says, “I know what you want, and you don’t want my daughter to stay with us.” Ranbir asks, “Have you gone crazy?” Akshay says, “I’ll do whatever it takes to get her because it’s about my daughter.” Ranbir says that she is his kid and that he won’t give her to me.

Akshay says you show you are perfect, but you want to keep her away from Prachi and me. Ranbir asks, “Are you crazy?” I tell him that Prachi is Khushi’s mother, so why should I keep them apart? Akshay says, “I heard you telling Khushi that you want Prachi and Khushi to be your family.” He says that Khushi then told him she wanted to stay here and loved him more. He asks her if this is different from what she says. Ranbir says that’s what she said, but. Prachi asks him if Khushi said she wants to stay with her.

Ranbir says, “Yes, I was wrong.” Akshay says you took her away so you could finish your job, and no one would find out. Ranbir asks me if I’d take my girl away. Akshay says, “I’m just saying what I heard and saw.” Ranbir says, “I was happy when Khushi told me that she loves all of you, and I’m glad you all love her.” Akshay asks, “Where is your daughter?”

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Ranbir says that she is also his kid. Akshay says that she is not your daughter. He asks you what that mark on your neck is and says that Khushi must have scratched you when you tried to take her away. Ranbir says that I was hurt outside by someone. Manpreet asks Akshay, “What are you up to?” Akshay says, “I’m your son, but you don’t believe me. I’ll show you in front of everyone.” He says that Khushi is his daughter and that he will show it. He asks Ranbir, “What were you talking about with that dancer?” Ranbir says I wasn’t his friend.

Akshay tells Abhay to get the CCTV video so everyone can find out who did this and why. He tells Ranbir that he comes from a good family and that the people at the home made him Khushi’s father. Ranbir asks, “Are you crazy?” if I say I’ll take my daughter away. He thinks she would have come with me if I wanted to take her.

Akshay says the problem is with Prachi since that’s who you like. Ashok asks Akshay, “Are you crazy? “Prachi says that I can’t listen to drama every day. Akshay says, “I’m not trying to make you feel bad. I value your respect.”

He also says, “I heard from him that he wants to split Khushi and Prachi up.” Mihika asks, “What do you mean?” She says the same thing you do when Ranbir is looking at Prachi. However, Prachi is looking at Ranbir. She says, “I’m sorry; I know you’ll hate me, but I’ll tell you anyway: your eyes don’t leave Ranbir.” Prachi, Ranbir, and other people are all surprised.

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