Anupama 21 September 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s revelation shocks Everyone

Anupama 21 September 2023 Written Episode Update

Precap: Anupama informs Anuj that you used to feel lonely after your foster parents passed away. Well, observe how God filled that need by separating you from Yashoda and sending Devki Maa into your life. My kid Anuj says in Malti. “You are not my mother,” Anuj adds, urging her to leave him.

Anupama 21 September 2023 Written Episode Update
– Anupama 21 September 2023 Written Episode Update

As per the game’s rules, every man is dancing and doing various dance movements. Thanking the Almighty, Anupama expresses gratitude to Kanha ji for revealing the major mystery and revealing to her that her Anuj is actually the son of Gurumaa. She claims that although the truth was there, I was unable to see it.

She remembers the warden informing her that your spouse Anuj’s father is Malti Devi. Anupama questions if you are telling the truth and whether there is a miscommunication. The warden clarifies that there is no room for misinterpretation because Malti Devi herself handed the kid over to her before becoming a well-known dancer and failing to return to see the child. She claims that Mrs. and Mr. Kapadia adopted Anuj from the orphanage when the child became eight years old. Malti Devi, according to her, never visited him.

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She claims that since I have been raising him for eight years, I am incapable of misidentifying him. She claims that we always keep these things private, but since you requested and are Anuj’s wife, I’m telling you nonetheless. She is asked about the proofs by Anupama. The warden hands her the actual birth certificate of Anuj in addition to the donation receipts Malti Devi provided. Malti Devi used to send donations, but she never inquired about her son, she claims. FB closes. Anupama informs God that Anuj kept his hand beneath her foot to save her after Romil’s joke and Gurumaa’s return of Pakhi, since you wanted him to touch her feet when he first met her.

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When Anuj notices Malti Devi staring at him, he becomes anxious. She recollects the incidents and informs me that Choti prevented me from travelling to America in order to bring Anuj and his mother together. She promises to bring Anuj’s mother and herself together. Vanraj notices Anuj angry. Malti Devi embroiders a letter A on the fabric using flowers.

Barkha inquires with Dimpy about his well-being. Dimpy claims that while everything is fine one moment, there is a circus the next and people are tearing each other’s hair. Barkha explains, “The same thing happens here too, but there’s nowhere for us to go.”

Yes, says Dimpy. Anupama promises that Anuj will meet his mother on his birthday today and states that you have been tasked with bringing him and his mother back together. Anuj is asked what happened by Vanraj. Anuj remains silent. It’s Vanraj again. Malti Devi’s past behaviour is the reason Anuj claims he doesn’t like her.

He also says that although Anu has forgiven her, and I will forgive her too recently, it seems like I despise her. Says Vanraj, hate? “May be,” replies Anuj. You can either despise her or not, Vanraj says. Anuj claims that the word is strong and that I shouldn’t use it to refer to an elderly woman, but I’m not sure why I was unable to express my emotions. On this day of his birthday, Vanraj begs him not to worry about any of this. Saying “yes,” Anuj inquires as to how you’re doing. Vanraj claims, “I’m trying to be alright.” Anuj claims that Anu arrived just now. Even I am thinking the same thing, Vanraj admits.

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Anupama decides to go home and be honest with Anuj. Let Leela give Anupama a call. Kinjal reports that she is en route to Anupama. Pakhi insists on dancing. To wait for Anupama, Anuj requests. According to Pakhi, they won’t dance to just one song. Anuj becomes agitated. He worries about what is bothering him and is confused by his feelings. To party themes, the Shahs and the Kapadias dance.

Anupama fetches Malti to the celebration. Anuj is in disbelief. The Shahs are also taken aback. Why did Anupama bring Malti to the party? Anuj asks. Anupama divulges the relationship between Anuj and Malti. The Kapadias and the Shahs are in disbelief. Romil expresses regret for popping the party poppers. Anuj is not going to believe it. He queries Anupama about Malti’s motherhood. To sense Anuj’s suffering, Anupama attempts. Anupama is asked by Hasmuk how she found out the truth. Anupama describes her quest to track out Malti’s son and uncover the truth. She displays the evidence.

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